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Pilot Use Cases

NAIADES will validate the proposed technology framework through pan- European demonstrations in heterogeneous water management areas, cycles and value chains and use cases aiming to present the high adaptability and flexibility of the proposed solution. For that reason several pilots will be deployed in the last part of the project. In fact, the proposed ecosystem and business framework developed in NAIADES will be validated through demonstrations in 3 areas Alicante, Brăila and Carouge.

The operational properties of the technologies and overall solution will be validated and evaluated against performance, effectiveness, acceptability & usability indicators and cost. Use cases will be supported by different evaluation methodologies, which will be classified according to the operation mode i.e. sewage and waste water treatment and recycling, water quality of public water sources etc. Find our more about the specific pilot use cases:

Ville de Carouge, Switzerland

Although the lake Leman provides a large part of the drinking water consumed in Carouge, the city faces more and more water shortage during the summer months. There is room to increase the water efficiency from the water consumed by the city. In addition to the water management, as the city is growing exponentially but the budget is tightening, employees of the City are under stress to comply to their increasing duties. The IoT will also help them to simplify their jobs and save hours of work, while also diminishing stress.

Carouge is a municipality in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland

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Alicante, Spain

There is a special need to be able to analyse and foresee short-future water consumption (in the case of supply) or flow and water quality (in the case of wastewater collection, treatment and reuse) in order to adapt or optimize the system according to such conditions. Ideally, the utility would need to have real-time acquisition of heterogeneous data so that a series of patterns or trends can be obtained and use them for an optimal water system management in the case such special conditions exist.

Alicante is a city and port in Spain on the Costa Blanca

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Brăila, Romania

In Brăila, the public water company is a joint-stock company whose shareholders are the municipalities in the county, including the residence city of Brăila. The Brăila Zonal System currently provides the water supply for the inhabitants of Brăila, the Lacu Sarat resort and for the inhabitants of 11 rural localities.

Brăila is a city in Muntenia, eastern Romania, a port on the Danube and the capital of Brăila County

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