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Slovenian KDD Conference 2021



The JSI NAIADES team has been busy disseminating the results of the ongoing EU project, focused on the digitalisation of the water management system. We presented four papers at the Slovenian KDD conference, which started back in 2000 and is part of the Information Society multiconference at the Department of Intelligence Systems at JSI. First, Alenka Guček presented the Global Water observatory, an online tool, which enables exploratory analysis of water-related events from heterogeneous data sources to promote evidence-based decision making. Next, Gal Petkovšek and Matic Erznožnik presented the optimisation of anomaly detection algorithms for water pressure data streams, followed by João Costa, who demonstrated the development of a Deep Learning Algorithm that can accurately predict the future behaviour of time series using entropy. Lastly, Matej Neumann presented his work on an approach for calculating causality between the interconnected SDG global indicators. Presentations were all well received and accepted and are all available here:, while the papers can be accessed at and at


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