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Guardtime KSI timestamping and MIDA empower the digitalization of water infrastructure

Water and blockchain

Project NAIADES has started to implement a future-proof and scalable solution for water utility data cyber security, data protection and long-term archiving. Guardtime KSI® Blockchain timestamping and MIDA unlock the digital trust needed for this ambitious digitization of water infrastructure as it is going cloud-native, adopting AI, and moving to automated machine-to-machine processes.

Guardtime’s KSI® Blockchain was first developed in 2008 for the Government of Estonia to secure its critical health, justice and business data. Since then, it has been deployed by the world’s most demanding customers, including the numerous governments and leading companies in telecoms, aerospace, defense, energy, financial services and insurance.

MIDA extends the KSI Blockchain into cloud environments, providing real-time security, breach detection and continuous compliance. Guardtime’s KSI® Blockchain is the first blockchain-based technology to be accredited as an eIDAS qualified trust service and marks an important step in the evolution of digital trust technologies.
Following architecture picture shows how NAIADES components interact with each other and where the signing is used.

Figure 1: Platform architecture. KSI and MIDA components with gray color.

Figure 1: Platform architecture. KSI and MIDA components with gray color.

In NAIADES we are using MIDA, a KSI blockchain based monitoring and compliance, for platform management and KSI signing for water related datasets.

KSI and MIDA Baseline configuration has been made NAIADES platform specific, capturing common intrusions and is ready for context specific extensions.

The partners' common results generated in the project will shorten the sales cycles in water sector software, improve cooperation and lay groundwork for global market uptake and disruption.  NAIADES Platform creates enhanced value to the end user. Developed software resellers can provide the cloud based data sharing platform combining data normalization tools, AI analysis tools, different security solutions (e.g. log monitoring solutions with KSI blockchain) and it will guarantee the best possible result for the end-users.

Unique benefits compared to existing timestamping solutions


KSI Blockchain timestamping scales to millions of events per second to support the volumes needed for the most ambitious data-driven solutions in the public and private sectors.


KSI Blockchain timestamps can be verified independently of Guardtime or any third-party service provider by a widely witnessed blockchain-based trust anchor.


KSI timestamps can be stored and verified indefinitely, without the need for complex crypto-lifecycle management. KSI Timestamps are immune to quantum computing attacks, which makes them ideal for long term archiving and future-oriented projects.


KSI Blockchain has been in continuous operation for over a decade and is designed to exceed enterprise reliability requirements, backed by industry-leading SLAs.

Written by Kristo Klesment