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NAIADES IoT Platform for More Data Sharing


Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton, said: “We are defining today a truly European approach to data sharing. Our new regulation will enable trust and facilitate the flow of data across sectors and Member States while putting all those who generate data in the driving seat. With the ever-growing role of industrial data in our economy, Europe needs an open yet sovereign Single Market for data. Flanked by the right investments and key infrastructures, our regulation will help Europe become the world's number one data continent.” Fully aligned with EU Digital Single Market policy and open data policy, NAIADES IoT platform that provides federated water management services for three different cities in Europe, provides NGSI-LD based data interoperability.

In order to maximise the impact on data interoperability and data sharing, UDG Alliance has upgraded NAIADES IoT Platform to support NGSI-LD APIs and data models. The ETSI standard, NGSI-LD is information centric, developer friendly APIs and there are collaborative efforts to create NGSI-LD common data models in diverse verticals and across the verticals. Data with context information ontology can be shared through context information management layer to allow discovery and authorized access to repositories of context information, as well as scalable execution of queries. NAIADES IoT Platform utilizes Powered by FIWARE core components for context management and provides smart digital water services together with intelligent components and user-friendly visualisation developed by project partners. The upgraded platform has been fully tested and validated with the City of Carouge water data and other related data.


Figure 1 - Information centric with developer-friendly NGSI-LD, source: Lindsay Frost (Chairman of ETSI ISG CIM Group)


Figure 2 - NAIADES IoT Platform and integrated water services

It is expected that this open standard based data interoperability solutions that NAIADES IoT Platform provides contribute to enable more data sharing and replication of NAIADES water data beyond the project scope and could maximize data sharing and data innovation.

By Eunah Kim & Cédric Crettaz, UDG Alliance