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The contribution of Konnektable Technologies Ltd as a core value in NAIADES project


Konnektable Technologies Ltd is an Irish technology R&D development company headquartered in Waterford with offices in Athens and New Jersey providing core and bespoke R&D services. We produce cutting-edge innovations through trust and by using exemplary work synergies.

In the R&D sector, Konnektable Technologies Ltd supports connectivity, intelligence, actuation and control features by validating the technology and business framework through real life demonstrations.

Our research scientists and consulting team have extensive experience in EU funded research projects and our expertise transforms the state-of-the-art research prototypes to commercial products.

For the NAIADES project (multidimensional intelligence on water ecosystem) we provided a major contribution to the DSS component with the decision-making and information analytic tools development for the users. This enabled them take the correct decisions on suggested issues and to follow through to their next steps. Konnektable Technologies Ltd offers an important contribution to the HMI component through the initial construction of user interface design.

In cooperation with another significant members of this project consortia, Konnektable Technologies Ltd contributed to the development of the water demand prediction toolkit where the users browse in the NAIADES system through the frontend framework to manage their needs in water prediction.

We continue our efforts on DSS by processing the solution development of the user needs through data gathering as well as by implementing the development of technical part. Noteworthy HMI solutions are already in universal application.

Konnektable Technologies Ltd transforms society into a better place and is always committed to bring quality solutions efficiently by breaking new ground in our respective fields.

Commenting on the project Konnektable Technologies Ltd CEO, Dr. Angelos Liapis said “We are thrilled to be amongst the key technology partners of NAIADES, we strongly believe that the innovations of the project will revolutionize the sustainable management of European water ecosystems and significantly impact the society and the environment.”


For further information please contact:

Mrs. Faye Petromelidou
Digital Marketing Dissemination & Communication Specialist
Konnekt-able Technologies Ltd.